Cancers of the Mouth

Aug 4 • 1 minute read

Fortunately, the chances of survival from head and neck cancers are good if they are treated before they can spread to other areas of the body. Cancer that develops around the lips, the cheeks, the front of the tongue or under the tongue is referred to as oral cancer.  Cancer that appears in the back of the mouth, throat, back part of the tongue, tonsils, or soft part of the roof of the mouth is referred to as oropharyngeal cancer.

Risk Considerations:

  • Men tend to develop these cancers more often than women.

  • More common after 65 years of age. 

  • Alcohol or tobacco use can increase the risk of developing these types of cancer

  • The human papillomavirus (HPV) has been associated with oropharyngeal cancer

  • Sun exposure can increase risk of lip cancer

Signs To Look For:

  • Sores that do not heal

  • Red or white patches that do not go away

  • Pain, tenderness, numbness 

  • Swelling or lumps

  • Difficulty swallowing, chewing, speaking

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