Children's Dental Health Month

Feb 1 • 1 minute read

February 2020 Homewood Dental Studio

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! So, today’s blog is a compilation of common questions involving children’s dental care.

● What age should children start seeing a dentist?
○ The American Dental Association recommends seeing a dentist within 6 
months of the first primary (baby) tooth appearing and no later than a child’s 1st birthday.

● Why is treating decay in primary (baby) teeth important?
○ Primary teeth are space holders for permanent teeth so, if lost too soon, it 
could cause issues like crowding as the permanent teeth erupt. Additionally, it can be harmful to a child’s overall health, especially if the decay causes an infection.

● When do children start getting their permanent (adult) teeth?
○ Permanent teeth typically begin erupting around age 6. By age 21, usually 
all permanent teeth have erupted.

● How can a parent prevent tooth decay?
○ Avoid putting children to sleep with anything other than water in the 
bed-time bottle. Visiting a dentist will help teach proper brushing and flossing techniques. Also limiting foods with starches and sugars will help prevent decay.

● What is a dental sealant?
○ A preventative coating that helps protect the chewing surface of the back 
teeth. Sealants will typically be recommended as permanent teeth begin emerging.

● What can be done to protect children’s teeth during sporting events?
○ Plastic mouthguards help protect a child’s lips, teeth, and gums from 
injuries. A dentist can fabricate a custom mouthguard to ensure the best fit for the child.

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