Teeth Whitening

Oct 1 • 1 minute read

There are several ways to whiten teeth.  It is usually recommended to avoid over the counter products as several have been shown to damage tooth structure. Below are the most common whitening methods offered at the dental office: 

In-Office Whitening: This method offers the fastest results and only takes a single office visit.  At this visit, a professional strength whitening gel is applied and results are obvious almost immediately

Take Home Whitening: An effective way to whitening teeth, but the patient plays a greater role in ensuring the best possible results.  The patient receives custom fitting trays to take home and then fills these trays with a professional strength whitening gel. Typically trays are left in 30-60 minutes each use. Using this method, it may take several days for results to be evident. 

Professional Strength Whitening Strips: This method also delivers effective results, but as the strips are not custom fitting, the results vary more than the previous two methods.  The amount of recommended wearing time varies by brand.  Results are typically evident after a few days.

While using whitening products sensitivity often results, but tends to dissipate after whitening stops. Oftentimes a sensitivity toothpaste is recommended while whitening

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