Infection Control

Apr 15 • 1 minute read

A commitment to patient care and safety has always been our top priority.  As changes occur to infection control recommendations our office is ready to amend or add to our existing protocols. 

What is infection control?

  • Actions taken to prevent the spread of disease.

What types of infection control are done at a dental office?

  • Clinical operatories are disinfected and cleaned after each patient.

  • Instruments that are non-disposable are cleaned and sterilized in between patients.

  • Non-reusable tools like needles are disposed of properly and never used on more than one patient

  • Team members wear appropriate protective equipment such as masks, gloves, etc. and these forms of equipment are changed for each patient

  • Training occurs annually (and typically more frequently) to discuss infection control protocols

  • Equipment and water supply are maintained to ensure quality

What are some types of infection control equipment at the dental office?

  • Ultrasonic Device: uses sound waves to create bubbles in a special detergent that help remove debris from instruments 

  • Steam Autoclave: uses steam under pressure to sterilize instruments

  • Chemical Indicators: show that certain conditions were met during the sterilization process.

  • Biological monitoring (spore tests): tests that help ensure that a sterilizer is functioning properly 

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