Filling Types

Nov 2 • 1 minute read

Many adults grew up with “silver” fillings as the only option when they had a cavity.  However, now there are other choices such as tooth colored fillings.  Each choice has its own pros and cons so it is important to discuss the options with your dentist.   Listed below are a few of the many restorative options.

  1. Resin Composites: tooth colored material.  Need to be placed on a clean dry surface free from blood or saliva.  Now, the most common type of restoration offered.

  2. Amalgam: “silver” fillings.  Mixture of mercury, silver, tin, copper and small amounts of other metals.  Many government agencies and health associations have deemed that they are safe despite containing mercury.

  3. Glass Ionomers: another type of tooth color filling material.  Release small amounts of fluoride to help protect the tooth.  Blood and saliva are less of an issue if present during placement. 

The best choice depends on each individual situation and options should be discussed with your dentist prior to beginning treatment.

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